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Welcome to McWhirter
Custom Woodcraft

McWhirter Custom Woodcraft is a family owned and operated business in Northeast Pennsylvania. Our woodworking relies heavily on the extreme accuracy and consistency delivered by CNC technology, and is hand-finished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

WHAT WE DO We specialize in customized signs, plaques, relief carvings, and have the capability to produce a variety of specially-ordered parts and pieces. From religious items, to home decor and wooden parts, we can turn a block of wood into almost anything. Check out our regular products, or contact us to have a custom item designed and cut.

HARDWOOD FLOORS AND MORE Complementing our own line of products, we also distribute hardwood floors, molding and trim. These can be purchased through us, and delivered directly from the manufacturer. Please see our floors-and-more page for details and ordering.